Why did Cory Condrey “Coco Brother” just leave radio? Letter from my husband …

It’s Been Great!

That was the title of my email Wednesday the 22nd Of May 2013 to a distinguished group of people in radio (CLICK HERE to read)….Ever since the end of 2012 I’ve been in prayer about what is next.
Now I know….
Continue to follow the voice of God! It’s the same voice I heard in 2004 – 2005 when I was in Hip-Hop on WHTA Hot 107.9 in Atlanta….  FOLLOW ME!  Leave it ALL– FOLLOW ME!  It was one of the biggest steps of faith I had ever taken. I heard that same voice on Wednesday, 8 years to the day.
When I look back at that day, if I never stepped out on faith, then I would never have been able to be used by God to pour into so many people every night with the love of Christ!
I never thought after being obedient on that day, God would give me everything I desired in radio! My goal was to be the first African American male syndicated at night on a mainstream platform. Syndicated on R&B, Hip- Hop and Gospel stations…. ministering the Gospel of Jesus across the country.  No one believed that a night time urban radio show could be syndicated, this was truly The LORD’S doing!
I never leave a place until I have accomplished all I am called to do….  When I look back, powerful interviews like 1st Lady Michelle Obama for 1 hour, talking people off the bridge from committing suicide, ushering the presence of God into people’s car, home, job thru the radio. Walking and standing by our gospel artist during their toughest moments. Loving on Leaders/ Pastors through the storm. Seeing live and real miracles take place through the radio. People who were blind, now able to see…. Watching the LORD pack out arenas all around the world and seeing people get saved and baptized.
But most of all, we have blazed a trail for others to come and do what we dreamed and envisioned. The greatest compliment anyone can ever give you is to hold on to what you created. So I am very excited about whoever comes behind me because they will have an opportunity that at one point didn’t exist. My work was not in vain. I have only one desire left in radio. When I come back after this summer, I’m coming back to create a legacy that will outlive me. By becoming an owner, we will give many people the same opportunity I had.
But by far…. Exodus still touches my heart!  It’s our youth outreach. Everytime we do this evangelistic outreach thousands of young people give their lives to Jesus!  It’s incredible, nothing is more fulfilling and rewarding. That’s why I made the decision to leave radio as of Wednedsay May 22, 2013 until after the summer…. (CLICK HERE to read)
My wife, Joann, and I are committed to this generation and understand that if we don’t do something now, we can miss the voice of God in this season. We must go where He is directing us. This summer, through the Exodus Youth Camp, we will focus on disciplining over 400 youth from around the world to go back to their communities and implement change by impacting their generation. Our goal is to ignite a fire in them that will change their communities, churches, schools…. With the help of many TRUE friends and leaders, we WILL accomplish this task.  ( Stay tune for more details to come)
The thing you learn in radical faith moments like this is, who your REAL friends are! Was it about what I can or could do for you? Or was it really genuine? Because I’ve been here before, I know what to expect. I’m very excited to see who my real friends will be in this season as Joann and I step out of the boat to REACH out for a LOST generation.
Here’s what you can do for us…
1) Please continue to pray for us.
2) Become a volunteer this summer . (CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION)
3) Become a Life Partner & give to our cause by logging onto www.condreyevangelisticassociation.org
4) Get the word out! All youth leaders, get ready for an awesome 2 week camp experience that will be FREE to you! Registration is in 2 weeks-
My first day at our Exodus youth campaign office will be Tuesday May 28 , 2013….
Let me take this moment to say THANK YOU for your prayers, your love, your support. But now I also challenge you to walk away from it all to do  the work of “the ONE who has sent YOU”! What is it that our Father God is calling you to do??? Give Him a REAL YES! For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36
Would love to hear from you personally, and thank you for your prayers –
I Love u Much!!! – Cory Condrey
Personal Email: itsme@cocobrotherlive.com
P.S. Remember to call in for Prayer on Demand (530) 881-1399 Access Code 693369#

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29 responses to “Why did Cory Condrey “Coco Brother” just leave radio? Letter from my husband …”

  1. Niambi says :

    I just want you to know that my husband Darrell and I are so very proud of you and Cory! Keep obeying God! God has given you a vision and He will give you the provision for it! Your selfless labor of love will always be remembered. 1 Corinthians 15:58 says to be steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord knowing that your labor is not in vain. You have made an impact on the lives of many people (and will continue to do so) but most importantly, you have touched the very heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Lord says that what you do for the least of me, you have done unto me also. He sees all that you two have done and He has a big reward for you in heaven! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family! My husband and I will continue to support you and Joann both financially by sowing seeds into the ministry and spiritually by keeping you uplifted in prayer. WE BEILIEVE IN YOU!!! We love you and may the Lord give you the desires of your heart and may He do exceeding abundantly above anything you could ask or think. May the Lord bless you and keep you, cause his face to shine upon you and give you peace!


    Darrell and Niambi Hines (Atkinson)

  2. Darrell Hines says :

    We support you guys in all that you do because we know it’s sincere and for the Kingdom! God bless!

  3. The Tyers says :

    We truly know you are a true man of GOD, anointed, and appointed and God knew he could send you and you would do just as The Lord Jesus was calling you to do. Keep on keeping on Brother Cory and Sister Joann, and we will keep you in prayer and ask The Lord what would he have us to send as a love offering in Jesus Holy Name.

  4. Ollie says :

    This is an exciting journey Condrey family and I will keep you in my prayers and support. You are both an inspiration to me. God’s heart is in reaching the youth that will change the future and you are touching God’s heart through what you are about to start.

    God bless you all.

  5. Emily says :

    God bless you, Joann and family in your future assignments. Be blessed

  6. Tanisha says :

    Wonderful! The trappings of this world mean nothing if we are not moving in the destiny god created for us. I pray that you will both stay encouraged in this season and every season to come. You are an asset to The Kingdom! My 4 y.o. will keep singing Coco Brother…Jesus Baby!”

  7. helene senecharle says :

    I Will miss some much.beause you that got me close to lord agin radio station will not brb same with you voice. Kept in touch I will have you in my heart.please come back soon. Thank-you

  8. Lavonne says :

    So proud of you both. Obedience is better than sacrifice. God has found a man and woman after His own heart for this generation of youth and is about to use you mightily!!! Go forth in power, peace, and love. You both are in my prayers.

  9. Lorraine Dorsey says :

    I enjoyed your radio show, I was on my way to bible study , and my coco music never came on, I said well didn’t listen everyday , but where is my coco brother, what going on. I research and found out that you answer your other calling. God bless you for listening and answering. congrats .

  10. Carolyn Walter Dukes says :

    We have to follow the voice of God!!!! I resigned to open a women’s center (instructions from God). I’m doing a summer session called JUST GIRLS. We meet Monday thru Friday 9-1pm. The program is a self-esteem, empowerment, and spiritual guidance program for girls between 14 and 17 who are struggling with self-image, possible abuse and/or neglect, etc. I applaud you and look forward to working with you this summer!

  11. Brigitte says :

    Dear Coco Brother and Joann,

    I never called into your show but I listened and prayed with you every evening and night. I will truly miss hearing you say JESUS JESUS JESUS. I will continue to keep you and your family in prayer. And CONGRATULATIONS BEING OBEDIENT TO GOD BEING TRUE TI YOURSELF.
    I will truly miss your show, your callers, your prayer warriors and Pastors and Bishops. Your show was truly a one of a kind.
    Thank you, with Love Gladness and Blessings

  12. Thomasina says :

    Dear Mr. Condrey,
    I praise God for your radio ministry. I listened to you on WLIB and was perplexed as to why another was to be in your time slot. Thank you for: 1. explaining your reasons for leaving; 2. your example of discipleship; and, 3. for POWERFUL prayer! I look forward to seeing how God may use me to assist you and your wife in your plans to heal our youth. I leave you with Isaiah 41:13 “For I am the LORD, your God, Who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

  13. SHERDIVINE says :


  14. ADavis says :

    First of all I would like to say Cory is the only radio personality on Radio One that emphasize the name of Jesus and promote Christ Jesus in everything he does. I can truly say whenever I have been down and out, Cory’s show has been the only uplifting show that has mended my heart with messages from the Lord Jesus. All the other shows only uses God and yet God can be anything, especially in this society we lives in, but yet Cory proclaim his God as Jesus and is not ashame to say that Jesus is Lord over the air. All the other shows uses God, Savior, Christ, Lord but rarely I mean rarely uses the name of Jesus. The only mention of Jesus is in very few of the songs played. I guess Radio One is getting what the devil wants, which is to take the name Jesus out of their shows to be similiar to mainstream shows…if you don’t believe me just start paying attention to each show and you will see that Jesus’ name is rarely mentioned…and all the other shows just jokes around as if it they are secular shows…other sites says that Cory is dry and that he should be off of the air…Yeah he may be dry to them, but to others including myself he is a living testimony to show that Jesus lives and that he is not ashame to let the light of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shine through him. I am not surprised by these comments made on other sites,, because whenever you have someone really living their life for Jesus there will always be haters….


  15. Rhonda Jackson says :

    HI Coco Brother and Joanne
    I will continue to keep you both in my prayers. Your heart expressrd
    Words have left me with
    Tears of joy. I could feel the anoiting
    Over your next step in God. Keep obeying God.
    Be Bless and keep the Faith
    Detroit Mi

  16. Phyllis Harris says :

    We are praying for you guys, Please keep us inform on the new radio show.I am excited about the future for you because I know God is going to bless.

  17. Karen Dozier says :

    Corey I have been working long hours in the past weeks and have not been able to tune in, to my surprise the night I get into my truck just in time to here your closing; you were not there,and of course I began my search.
    Dear Brother, that God has sent us, I pray the best for you, Joanne and the babies, I pray that what ever your desires are God will honor them, Bless You, Enlarge Your Territories and keep His Right Hand of Protection around the life of you and your family. BE BLESSED!

  18. Roger Williams says :

    I was sooo surprised when I could not find you on the radio two days ago. When I am in the truck in the evening, I ride with you. I will miss you. God bless you and your family.

  19. M&L Marshall says :

    “It’s the Coco Brother Jesus Baby……” My husband, children, and I miss you tremendously….! There is only one Coco Brother that had a heart after God’s own heart, and a passion to provide spiritual and physical aide to those in need….. You are and will always be an original; and there’s no duplication… Sad to say…it’s not the same without you….Be Blessed and that is extended to you and your family…M&L Marshall

  20. Jacquelyn Dixon says :

    Dear Corey I would often listen to you at night. You were such an inspiration. I however understand that you have to do what we all need to be doing, and that is pleasing God as well as fulfilling the plan that God has for our lives. I will keep you, and family in prayer. We need someone like you in the South Jersey area when you able to help. Our youth need help really bad. How does one keep in touch with you, or even follow where you are? Please email me back at jqdixon@yahoo.com. Thanks for all you have shared, and I will donate when I can. God bless you, and your family.

  21. Kimberly Davis says :

    My God continue to Bless you both!!! I really enjoyed you radio show. Just to hear your and Joann touched my soul! You both have touched do many lives, it’s just awesome! I’m trying to express how I feel about you both. I’m sitting here crying tears of joy for you, there are just no words to express how I feel!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!

  22. Cynthia says :

    Hurry Back!! You are missed and needed.

  23. derek dixon says :

    I never heard what happened to you brother.i do miss your passion on the radio.continue being led of the Lord.GOD BLESS.look forward to your return in whatever capacity you are needed.

  24. eurovision betting says :

    I love it when folks come together and share opinions.
    Great site, stick with it!

  25. Barry Jones says :

    Bless u n all who hear ur voice

  26. Ronald Williams says :

    Good morning Cory we never met I watch and listen to you over the year’s and can’t wait till your return to radio my family will keep you and your family in our prayers and in return pray for us continue to let him use you . Trust in GOD with all your heart and lean not into thy own understanding , in all your ways acknowledge him and will direct thy path..WILLIAMS FAMILY

  27. Danielle says :

    Dear CoCo Brother and JoAnn,

    I first started listening to your station when I moved to Philly 4 years ago with my daughter. I remember those long drives from Exton to Philly after working a 10 hour shift and I was able to tune into your show and you reminded me about how gods anointing on one person can touch others. I miss stand and deliver and just hearing people come back to god.

    You will be truly missed thanks for helping me come back to god.
    The Jones family

  28. Billie says :

    I am glad to finally learn what happened to you and why I couldn’t find you on the radio. Go ye unto ALL the world! Thank you for your obedience and for your passion. You and Joanne continue to minister to our youth. It is most certainly needed. I miss your powerful prayers and clearly evident Spirit of the living God that surrounds you. You have been a blessing to me and I am praying that God will bless every thing that your hand touches and for Him to stay the hand of the enemy from your ministry. Continue to be strong in the Lord. We need a million more like you!


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