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Joann Rosario Condrey is known to most because of her career in Gospel Music. From 1997-2008, Joann traveled extensively with Apostle Nahum Rosario, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond and on her own. During that time she also recorded 3 albums (More, More, MoreNow More Than Ever…Worship and Joyous Salvation) and is known as a worship leader. In 2008, Joann was ordained as an evangelist through Maranatha Worldwide Ministries in Chicago IL and continues to travel, singing and preaching the Gospel of Jesus. Upon her marriage in December 2008 to Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey, she relocated to Atlanta Georgia with her husband. Cory and Joann have been actively hitting the streets with their evangelistic ministry (The Condrey Evangelistic Association). In February 2010, Arianna Condrey arrived and is The Condrey’s first child. Arianna’s baby sister, Hadara Virtue, arrived on July 3, 2012. As a wife and mother, Joann feels the need to reach out to women in the effort to encourage and strengthen them in their walk with Christ. This blog is here for that specific purpose.

“I pray that every woman that visits this blog will feel my heart and understand that I want to do everything God allows me to do to encourage and speak life to each of them. I don’t know everything but I will share the little that I have to bless them”. Joann Rosario Condrey



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  1. Londiwe says :

    Sister Joann.The bits and pieces I know about your life have inspired me, as a young woman, to shine for Christ and give Him glory by how I live out the life He’s blessed me with like you do. Keep shining, your light is inspiring other lights show forth the glory of God.

  2. Lilac says :

    This site is a blessing. Please continue. I am truly excited to have happend on this page while searching the web. I am struggling emotionally and spiritually and your words are encouraging. I definitely look forward to fellowshipping with ladies who encourage and challenge one another in the Spirit.

  3. sapphira Gordon says :

    In answer to your prayer I do feel your heart, and as a young mother I appreciate having someone like you to look up to. Thanks for your prayers.

  4. Crystal Hernandez says :

    Joann, gracias por ser un ejemplo de integridad y de madurez yo me congrego en Maranatha Chicago y ahora que he encontrado tu bloog es una bendicion tan grande he vuelto a enfocar mi fe en Jesus, dejar de ver las sircunstancias, mil gracias y que Dios te siga bendiciendo, pero me gustaria ver tu bloog tambien en Espanol, se podra?… espero que si.

    • April Dishon says :

      Sis. Cristal,

      Desde que no hablan bien el español Puedo utilizar Google Translate para comprender los comentarios que se escriben en español en el blog. Me ayuda a sentirse conectados con los de mis hermanas hispanos que son comentarios en español.

      Así que por ahora, en el caso de Sis. Joan no puede hacer tanto en español e Inglés una gran herramienta a utilizar es de google para traducir los mensajes de blog o comentarios del Inglés al Español. Estos son los pasos:

      1. Copie la entrada en el blog que desea traducir.
      2. Abra una nueva ventana y vaya a http://www.google.com
      3. Seleccione “Herramientas del idioma” a la derecha del cuadro de búsqueda.
      4. Pegue la entrada en el blog en la casilla que dice traducir el texto y seleccionar el que desee langage ex. “A partir de Inglés al Español”.
      5. Ahí lo tienes!

      Estoy seguro de que un día Sis. Joan tendrá tiempo para la creación de dos blogs que el ministro va a las audiencias, pero por ahora me va a utilizar Google Translate. Espero que esto sea útil. 🙂

      Sis. De abril

  5. Kara Johnson says :

    I was directed here today through Facebook, and I’m so glad I came. It’s been almost 20 years since the first time I heard you sing at Maranatha, and I am as blessed by this blog today as I was then by your song. I can still hear you singing “Be Glorified” for Sunday service (I know, old school) but I know that as well as many other things have stuck in my mind all these years because of your life of service to God. Honestly, I believe people would be inspired by you even if you wrote a blog about chocolate chip cookies – because of the anointing. Pastor Nahum and Mrs. Minerva did an excellent work in raising you to be the woman, wife, and mother you now are. We receive so much more than you know. Truly you have shown many of us what it is to know the love of God.

    And may my post affirm every blessing that is to come upon your family for now and for years to come. Amen

  6. K. Neasley says :

    Joann, I am so grateful that you have created a place such as this, where women can come and be inspired. We are faced with so many challenges on a day-to-day basis. Motherhood,Wife,Counselor,Financial Advisor,Buiness Administators,Errand Runner,Maid…to name a few of the hat’s we wear! To God be the glory for moving on His people’s hearts to find ways we can come and have an outlet. thank you Joann, for your character and integrity and for continuing to make beautiful music that inspires us all to draw nigh unto God!
    God bless you, your husband and baby Arianna!

  7. Elizabeth says :

    God bless you, Evangelist Condrey. I admire your STAND in Christ. And I pray that you will continue to keep Standing on Christ the Solid Rock for all other ground is sinking sand. As the Word of the Lord says in 3 John 1-2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth is my prayer for you. May God continue to bless you and your family, and may you continue to allow God to use you for His glory. I love you and be blessed in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  8. Brittany Brown says :

    It is such a blessing to see how God works within a marriage by viewing and seeing what he is doing for you and Coco Brother as well as others that my and my fiance is viewing that are married. I feel like this is his season for us, especially since we both have been married previous. I thank God for using people such as your family and others to give us a clear view of how God works in marriages, versus us trying to do it by ourselves as before. I never prayed as much with a man before and never talked about modeling my family around Christ as I do now in this situation. I thank God for you and Coco Brother both for being the leaders that Christ wants you to be and inspiring me and my family to be leaders for Christ also and include him in everything that we do.

  9. Shannon says :

    Joann, I was so blessed to find your site! I have been
    following you for a few years and have just recently started
    watching videos of you on Youtube. Your ministry has had a major
    impact on my life. You have inspired me to take my worship to a
    higher level and when I sing, to do it unto the Lord. I am even
    going to learn Spanish so I can understand some of your music
    that’s not written in English! May God continue to bless you and
    your family…keep working for Him because we appreciate

  10. valerie flowers says :

    i really love the work that you are doing very encouraging
    words, you give women something to think about to help you on this
    christian journey, May the Lord bless you and your family

  11. Jasmin says :

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m really grateful to God for your site and the encouragement that you send out to so many people. I love reading the post every morning and just feeling a push and a drive for the day. And I also wanted you to know that when I pray for my leaders and my husband and family and all those that pour so much out and need to be replenished I pray for you and your family as well. I may not know you personally but what God has given you has personally had an impact in my life. I thank God for you and your sacrifice!!!

  12. Deborah says :

    Hello Joann!

    Thank You so much for starting this blog. I was searching for your songs and went to your Myspace and found this blog. Thank You so much for sharing your thoughts here and I know a lot of people will be blessed because you encourage them to seek God and to fall in love with Him.
    I loved the post were you wrote about investing our time in prayer and in His word. This is the true way to love, joy, happiness, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, being a light and helping others out of darkness.
    I´ve been so blessed with your CD´s and I pray that you will continue to fulfill the plan of God for your life!

    God Bless!!

  13. Deborah says :

    Hello Joann!

    I came back to comment and say that I was watching your video ´´The Amazing´´ from youtube and started crying in the Presence of the Lord. Wow! I thank God for the anointing He has given you and how you are touching other girls and women over the world.

    ( My name is Deborah, and I´m 15 years old and live in Africa)

    God Bless!!

  14. Reva says :

    Hello Joann, You are still an inspiration because you are
    so real. I appreciate you taking the time to make this blog and
    inspiring women to grow in their relationship with God. Don’t ever

  15. Sharon says :

    Just sitting on the corner of my bed shaking my head at the awesome wonder of Our God!! I keep sensing Him calling me away to worship Him tonight, so good night ladies…must go and spend time with the One My Heart Longs For!! Hope anyone reading this has at some point sensed that drawing away also….there’s nothing like it! Be Blessed Family!

  16. Prinion Diane Ferguson says :

    What a blessing you truly are!! I pray that God strengthens
    you as he uses you to launch this part of your ministry even
    farther!! So excited!!!!

  17. Ruth Green says :

    Hello Joanna, You are a blessing to many people and may
    “God” bless you and your family… you seem to have a husband who
    loves you very much. can you send a special prayer out for me and
    my family!!!

  18. robin spriggs says :

    hi joanna i was listening to your husband on the radio last
    night and he was telling his listens about how sometime u be up
    writing ,well i check it out all i can say is keep up the good
    work,because it really help me.keep leting the holy spirit lead

  19. Sonia Fonjia says :

    I am a praisedc/CoCo Brother lover, and I was listening in on relationship wednesdays (which I never do because I’m single.lol) when a song came up, and I received healing from sooo many burdens of anger and hate I had been holding on to. Then he talked about a blog where women could chat freely. I thank God for such a privilege. May your family receive abundant blessings for being such an encouragement to the children of God.

    • Aurelia says :

      I was listening that night as well on the strong holds that
      were over my life began to break free and I cant even tell you how
      that song blessed my heart and soul if it is the same one I cant
      remember the the name of the song but it was after a sister gave
      her comments It was beautiful and I am looking to find out the name
      of it so if you know please respond to this reply.That is how I got
      connected with royal sisterhood and I am looking for it to bless my
      life so that I may be a blessing in others lif as well I love the
      Lord greatly first and foremost uhhhh…I could go on and on about
      the goodness of the Lord but not now I just wanted to respond to
      your blog I hope it is ok..Be blessed my sister..

  20. Brenda M. Rogers says :

    Hello Joann,
    It is great thing, a God thing that you are doing with Royal Sisterhood!
    It’s about time that there is a place were women of Christ can go and lift each other up. We as sisters in Christ and should not be following the world they should be following us!
    God’s continued blessings to you and your family!

  21. Kesha says :

    Gods true blessings rest on your life

  22. Sepia Gladden says :

    Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you so mightily at the Love Yourself Conference. Being that the Lord has been ministering to me about the Holy Spirit all I could do was weep and say to myself wow, someone else is hearing the exact same thing I am hearing. So again, thank you for the great cost I know you paid in order to deliver that word. It’s was awesome to see another sister truly desiring to have a greater relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    Looking forward to the gatherings. That the Lord has done for such a time as this!

  23. Judith says :

    God Bless you Woman of God and your family. I just turned on TBN and heard you singing. I am truly blessed and encouraged to hear that song “Satisfying My Soul”.
    Songs do minister to me. I have to get hold of this CD.

  24. sis, Versie says :

    Sis. Joann,
    I just wanted to apreciate God for how you broke down love and the components of love (humility, forgiveness, sacrifice, etc.) young married couples need to know, well all married couples need to know that…LOL. I saw you on the TBN Praise the LORD when you and your husband were guest for the valentine program,

    His Servant,
    Sis. Versie

  25. sis, Versie says :

    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and take you higher……

  26. Marion Githinji says :

    Dear Sis. Joann,

    Trust you and your family are well. God bless you for pouring yourself out to women in this generation. I watched the TBN Valentine’s Show and you are a blessing.

    I am a Kenyan lady aged 34 years and your story encouraged me to keep on waiting on God for the man He has ordained for me. I’ll re-do my prayer list and keep the faith that my Daddy is still in control.

    I’ll subscribe to this blog. May God enrich you and enlarge your territory as you dedicate your life to this great commission. My love and prayers to you all.


  27. Shayla says :

    I have followed your ministry ever since you began minstering with Fred Hammond. I was a faithful reader of your blog/journal entries and I remember your candidness about your struggle w/ singlehood. I even sent you a message in response to a post that really resonated in my sspirit. To see now that the Lord has blessed you with a mate and a precious little one continues to encourage me during this season of singleness and is it is a testimony of our God’s faithfulness to those that serve Him with their whole heart. I’ve always loved your spirit and the music the Lord gave you to record. As an avid music lover I wondered where you were but I see that you have experienced a Divine Intervention. I praise God for you and the gift that the Lord has given you.


  28. theresasingingjones says :

    Hey Joann, I just want to say thank you for speaking that word into my life last month (January) when you and your dad came to visit @ New Dawn Ministy in Miami. You told me to give God what I have and He will multiply the rest. Nothing is too little for HIM! I love you!!!!!

  29. Elesia says :

    Hey Joann, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your blessings with us…. My first time seeing you was the valentine’s day special on TBN. I am from the Caribbean island (Trinidad & Tobago) and I just want u to know how far and wide your blessings are spreading. To you much love & God bless!!!

  30. Rev. Sandi Smith says :

    Minister Jo. I am so glad to see videos of you preaching. I love, love to hear you sing but I have been wanting to hear you preach. I like what you’re doing here. Many blessings.

  31. Erinn Fleeks says :

    How can we start a chapter here in Seattle, WA?

  32. valerie flowers says :

    my prayers are with you on this journey have a wonderful trip. thank you for the post you’re on assignment even as you go on your trip

    may God Bless you and your husband

  33. Diligent says :

    I ve been walking with God, for 10 years, in training by the Lord to be fit for leadership. I am tried and weary. I finally feel that I am closer to the point where I fall into position that Christ has me to be. But it feels like I am being crush right before i get there. I am not the traditional Christian woman. I ve been set aside and been kept under the tight hand of God. I have often asked God, where are the true serious women of God, those that are lead by the Spirit. Still waiting 😦 I heard your message on you tube and you ignited my Spirit. It is rare to hear women speak on the Holy Ghost. He is all i have had for 10 years, he is all I could run to.

  34. Davina says :

    I just joined the sisterhood and am looking forward to growing in Christ with women of worship..my soul is truly tired and need someone to reach out to

  35. Tanya Roberson says :

    Thank youu Evangelist Joann for your obedience to. God. Sister Tanya

  36. Carla Gómez says :

    Hola, Joann bendiciones, que agradable es poder encontrar tu blog siempre desde que llegue al ministerio Maranatha he seguido tu carrera, eres de mucha bendición para mi vida, recuerdo cuando diste tu concierto en Venezuela, aun lo veo porque fue muy especial… se te quiere desde Valencia-Venezuela

  37. giovanna says :

    Hello!! I tried numerous times to get online with the faith unplugged session tonight and I kept getting the message that I needed a calling card. I am so sad because I really needed that message. I am going through a lot right now and need encouragement to keep my faith. I feel that God has promised me something and everyone around me is saying let go, but deep inside I keep hearing this voice saying keep holding on to my promise, but I’m about to let go because I am confused and wonder if God is even speaking to me. I know yoy are busy, but can u please email me a brief summary of what the unplugged message said and pray for me. Thanks in advance.

  38. evangelist Deborah norman says :

    thank the Lord for your husband,and yourself i love to seecouples, work in the ministry together for the Gospel sake.may the Lord God of the Heavens,and the Earth bless your lives,even more and your family,and your children.proverbs;31;10 says who can find a virtue women for her price is above rubies, your husband is a blessed man .when a man finedth a wife he has found a good thing,so coCoa bro. Joann is your good thing.respect,her be good and king to her,you stay in your lane,and she stay in her lane,and never,ever get jeasouly of each other.never ever get in a power struggle against ea. other. Love the Lord and ea,other. be bless i listen to 92.1 every day and nite.

  39. charlene says :

    Thank you for be a blessing our life. God is so wonderful and I’m so grateful. I love and appreciate him so much. I tried to run from God but I am no longer lost I am found! I don’t no where God is taking me but I know it’s going to be great. God knows all our hearts desires and one by one he’s done it for me! To the Glory of God I will be getting married in a few weeks. I never thought I would ever find anybody to share my life with, shy girl and not knowing a thing about relationships! He’s turned it around for me! I will continue to serve the lord he’s a good God!
    I hope to meet you someday and keep up the work of God. You are a mentor and inspiration to me. God bless you x

  40. Rosario says :

    As I read you latest blog tears fall down my face. I am at a very low point of my like right now and I find myself questioning God. I wonder if he has forgotten about me. I am not sure I can handle what is coming my way, BUT I will stand on his promise and know what he has not forsaken me! I thank you for your words of encouragement and pray the the Lord will continue to bless many like me.

  41. Nitisha (Tish) says :

    I believe it was on Fred Hammonds video (VCR Times) when i first saw you. You sang a solo to “When we Praise” and I had to have been in my early teen years. Years later, I was listening to Coco Brother on the radio and he played feedback of you worshipping. As i was listening, I said to myself, “This woman’s spirit is REAL! She is worshipping for real! Who is she?” Months down the line, I made a Pandora account and was trying to find some true worship music and YOU popped i my mind. So i made a station from your name. When I saw your face i said to myself “HEY!! Thats the lady from Fred hammonds Video!!” I heard more of your songs and came online and Youtubed you and heard a few of your messages and watched some videos of you singing. I said Lord, She is a worshipper Like me! Wow!! How you push and linger and terry for the Glory of God to fall not only on you but the people of God too! How you want the people to get on one accord and seek Gods face. How you will not stop until the Holy Spirit has come into the house of God. (I am a praise n worship Leader in my church as well)

    I praise God for you because I too love to worship. I love to be in His presence. Nothing else compares. I praise and thank God for you and the ministry God has given you. I am still a babe in Christ and at this moment in my life have been seeking God like never before. FINALLY yielding to the purpose God has for my life, instead of running away like times before. I look forward to the encouraging words God gives to you for the women of God. Just like a whole lot of women, if you only knew where God brought me from… girrrrrrrrl!! WOO!!! GOD IS GOOD! I will begin to uplift your ministry in my prayers because it has truly made an impact on the little i have encountered thus far. GOD BLESS YOU MY SISTER IN CHRIST!!! 🙂

  42. Ethel says :

    Joann continue the good works. Be blessed.

  43. Brian Dale Pearson says :

    Hope all is well with you and yours..

  44. Natalie says :

    Hello Joann! I don’t know where to begin lol, I have admired and been truly blessed by the God IN you and through your music ministry. I have shared this to you on many of your media venues ( myspace, youtube etc) but grateful to be able to share it with you again in hopes that you may actually be lead to read and reply when time permits. It may be a “small” testimony to some but not to me. It was in 2004, my mother went to Walmart (of course to buy something she needed but wound up with everything she didn’t intend lol) and she was getting ready to finally leave and she decided (so she thought) to go to music section because she was looking for a particular CD and she says there you were and she said “hmm Joann Rosario; why does that sound familiar?” She says something about you reminded her of me lol. It was your first album More More More and when she put it on; she was reminded of how much she heard it on the radio and how I just RAVED about you lol! Anyway, she says she began to weep because your style, your worship, reminded her so much of me when I sang and to add to it we found out your were also Puerto Rican lol! My father is Puerto Rican and my mom African-American and I had always had a desire to know about this “other” part of me you know? My dad wasn’t around and I just recently reunited with him and my other siblings after 30yrs or searching!!God is so awesome! My husband and I are going through a rough spot financially nevertheless we want to sow into your ministry and will every chance we are able to! We know God will make provision! I look forward to my prayer to be answered to have the opportunity to meet you and sing with you!!

  45. Natalie says :

    I was so excited to share my testimony of your ministry being a blessing to me that I forgot one of the most important things I wanted to say to you lol. Thank you SOOOO much for your blog and the direction God is taking you for women ministry and evangelism! I have read some of the prior blogs and it is SO relevant today as much as it was when He lead you to write it. I also watched your youtube series on Solving the Identity Crisis..OMGOSH!! Such a rhema word to my soul!! Thank you and Bro CoCo for all that you are doing for the kingdom; you give me so much encouragement in my music ministry, my marriage and most importantly my relationship with God. Be blessed! Love you sis!

  46. Shannon says :

    We love you Joann! 🙂

  47. Cynthia says :

    Hello Sister Condrey,
    I am new to your site and I am very excited about it.
    I have a personal question to ask about you and your husband. By the way, you all make a beautiful couple!
    1. How long did you date before marriage?
    2. Did you refrain from sex until marriage? How did you abstain?

    I ask because I am dating a wonderful man and we have been talking since January 2011, we met in April 2011 and became a couple in August 2011. We have great fun together and like each other a lot. We have never even talked about sex. I am glad but I do have desires because I like him a lot. I plan to wait till we are married for sex but it gets challenging for me sometimes. I don’t think he thinks about it at all LOL.(I do believe he is my soulmate and God allowed us to cross paths).

    Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you and your family

  48. Taneka says :

    Sister JoAnne-

    Congratulations on the new baby to you and your family! Stay encouraged and may God continue to bless you.

  49. Terrie Elliott says :

    I am so in live with the site it is sooooo encouraging…congrats on new baby my husband and I r trying so hard to conceive another child we have 2 beautiful girls now but we long for a 3rd child please pray with that his will maybe done

  50. Stephanie says :

    God Bless you and your Family for what you are doing to Empower Women after Gods Heart. I’m Glad to have a Big Sister Like you!!! “ButterFlyB”

  51. jacqueline says :

    God Bless you and your Family for what you are doing ,Thank you for Empower Women all over the World. I’m Glad to have a Big Sister Like you in the ministries!

  52. Monique Bailey Natividad says :

    Wondeful! Thank you for your obedience in sharing!

    Monique Natividad
    Houston TX

  53. S.Lewis says :

    BEAUTIFUL! Love this photo! ~he Lord Bless you Love, Joy, & Peace~

  54. Natalie Warner says :

    Hello Joann, I am one of your biggest supporters I absolutely adore your spirit for God and have followed you since you started with your first album. I know I have left you messages before lol but I know you have so many that follow you so I will recap a lil lol. My mom back in 2004 saw your first CD in the store and just saw your picture and said she makes me think of you Nat lol. She didn’t realize who you were at the time or that I had been trying to find out myself because I loved your first single off your first album Just Want to Serve You! She called and told me she bought the CD for me and I saw it and said “this is her!!” lol. She said she listened to it before giving to me and she said “oh my Nat she reminds me so much of you when you sing !” I was so humbled that she said that because I love your style and you can hear the worship just pouring from your heart..just a TRUE worshiper. I thank you for your dedication to us women lol and so inspired to press forward to what God has for me. I just recently lost my husband suddenly on 9/20/2012 and although my pain runs deep; my faith is deeper and I have to keep moving for both of us. Thank you again Joann and you and Corey and the beautiful girls be blessed! 🙂

  55. Trena Bling Diva Woodland says :

    good morning Ms Condrey today i miss the 1st call of the 40 day morning prayer call my phone was off so i wasnt able to get on the call while riding to work this morning so im sending this to see if there will be a recording that I may listen to later thru out the day

  56. Lissy says :

    Hola joann soy una joven y estoy confundida en cuanto el hombre que Dios quiere para mi porfabor un consejo.

  57. Kimberly Fletcher says :

    Hi Mrs. Joann I’m honor to have a sister like you because growing up I didn’t have a older sister to talk to but in Jesus name I thank YOU!!!!!!! as tears run down my eyes I can’t stop thanking and praising God enough because only he know what we all need . We as girls, ladies, womens, sisters, mothers ,wives, and grandmothers need support to incourage one another and the spirit of God laid that on your heart to do a spiritual inspiration. Because of the hurt and pain we been though and going through and our JESUS knew we needed to hear spiritual word of the gospel to bring the peace ,love, joy, happiness kindness and rightousness to pass. Your 40 Day Devotional for Women Father here I am has been so helpful to me because I can relate to the things you speak about,and I say to myself I wish I known then what I know now and I hurt because being disobedience scar you. But JESUS I’m surrending to your will and asking for forgiveness and mercy. JESUS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME AND KEEPING ME. I DESIRE YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I would like to send prayers out for my family because my childrens are going through please Gloria,Danielle,Mario,Andrecia,Andrae and my special friend Andre moore. Thank you Mrs.Joann

    • Kimberly Fletcher says :

      I Mrs. Joann Condrey this is Kimberly Fletcher, I just want to say I Love You so, so much I truly Thank GOD for you beening in my life ,you have really helped me to have a closer walk with CHRIST JESUS you have open my eyes on a lot of things mentally, emotionally, physically,financially spiritually, to follow Jesus Christ. When I listen to your message each day it helps me to want to keep on hearing you an the daily basics. I’m asking for a special prayer for my children’s Gloria, Danielle, Mario, Andrecia, Andrae, My Grandkids Rayna ,Riely, and the baby girl on the way Richard, King, Knight, Myself ,my mother Gloria, my sister Delvis, Ebony, Shannel, Lief, Kimira, Elijah.and a very spical friend Andre moore. I ask you this because my family has been going through something and i’m asking for special prayers to go out for our family Mrs. Joann Please thank you so dearly………..

  58. Nicholas Nganga says :

    Please pray to our Heavenly Father for my following needs:

    1)That God will provide for the financial,physical,technical and human resources
    needed to build an international standard guest house and camping resort.
    2)That the Lord will give me a breakthrough in my Voluntary Service in
    Kenya programme to get volunteers,interns,missionaries and visitors from overseas.
    3)That God will bless us to always have at least five(5) visitors from overseas at any particular time.
    4)That God will supply me with the finances to buy a small bus to carry my visitors.
    5)That the LORD will give me the ability to transform Education Supplements International into one of the major volunteer placement organizations in Kenya.
    6)That our tours and travel business will prosper profitably.

    God bless you!

    Yours in Christ,

    Nicholas Ng’ang’a
    Executive Director
    Education Supplements International
    P.O Box 3305

    • aprildishon says :

      Hello Bro. Nicholas,
      Many Blessings to you and all of your Kingdom work. I will lift up a special prayer that the Lord supply all your needs and bless the works of your hands. Continue on in the work of the Lord and be encouraged!
      Sis. April

  59. Kimberly Fletcher says :

    Hi I just want to say GOD BLESS to you Mr. and Mrs. Condrey and family I LOVE YOU all so much you are truly an inspiration to my life when I need to hear a encouragement word you say the truth and when you don’t know the person or what their going through the HOLY SPIRIT shows up right on time to manifest in your mind, heart, spirit , too speak on his behalf to say what said the LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR FATHER. GOD is LOVE and the love shine so bright in his people……… that every chain shall be broken in JESUS CHRIST NAME GOD is raising an army for his nation and for his people.

  60. M Carelock says :

    Good Morning,

    It is a pleasure to come to this website and blog. I have been struggling of late due to the tragic passing of my younger brother (1) month ago. I feel comfort knowing he is at peace with God. I just want to commend you as I witnessed your powerful presence when you where at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church this past spring. What a wondrous woman of God you are. Please continue to pray for me and my family. Blessings to you and yours.

  61. Brian Dale Pearson says :

    We will be in agreement as we “Continue to call those things which be not as though they were”

    Brian Dale Pearson

  62. Anonymously Blessed says :

    Greetings! I’m going to copy/paste a text I sent to a sibling tonight concerning your ministry:

    Strange coincidence. I had a dream tonight about a light skinned woman with a cute snub nosed teaching me something in a university setting. Upon awakening, I meditated on the dream asking myself if I’d ever met this woman, or if I was to ever meet her. It’s 10pm at this time. So since I was up, I just decided to do some writing/reading for my book. While I’m writing I put on some worship music from my laptop. After about an hour of that I decide I want to hear Abide In Me by Lexi so I go to YouTube. After listening to that, I randomly click on another Christian artist, and decide I don’t really like it. However, I see under the suggested videos, a video by Joann Rosario Condrey, entitled “the benefits of being a true worshipper”. She is lightskinned but not the identical replica of the woman in the dream. She is a singer who also now preaches/teaches. Can I say everything she covered sums up EVERYTHING I have been dealing with for a very long time? It also echoed the sermon mom and I heard at church Sunday. So what I’m saying is God gave me the dream, led me to get up and successfully do some stuff I’d been avoiding (writing) and then blesses me with an intimate invitation to worship not with songs from lips, but with the heart. This message was a confirmation of the dream,and pointed out very illustrative verses that spoke EXACTLY to my situation.

    Thank you Joann for yielding to God and accepting the call to minister through teaching and singing.

    God bless!!!

  63. Christine says :


  64. onyi says :

    hi Joann i’m so blessed to be a part of this platform, i pray you and family continues to experience fresh grace to fulfill your ministry.

  65. Linda Williams says :

    Good morning,

    I pray God’s blessing over your family and the ministry that God has called you to. It’s awesome to the God’s people at work for his kingdom. I’ve have been blessed just to be able to read of awesome things the Lord is doing. I pray for your strength, a refilling and refreshing everyday…..

    God Bless.

  66. Rebecca says :

    Dear Sister Joann, I was truly blessed tonight when scrolling through I tunes, Looked up your songs and found this podcast. I listened and was very encouraged as you prayed! Congratulations on your wedding and your lovely daughters! I am a christian mother of 4 adult children. I listened to quite a few of the sermons and felt a weight lifted. thank you for this forum! Please pray for my family My endeavor is to reach my destiny in God. that means to also see my household saved and changed, along with as many souls as i can bring to the father Please pray over my health and financial issues and problems with my children I know God is able. Loved, loved, stay in His face.
    also pray for my town muskogee and the state of Oklahoma I attend a wonderful church in Tulsa and am asking God for revival! in my state. Love u and prayers for u and your family and ministry!

  67. angel lee says :

    Joann wld you pleeease make a full song of When I pray?! I looove it so much . I always keep it repeat.

  68. Marcetta Parker says :

    My husband introduced me to your music. Your ministry is most powerful when only God is watching. Your family is blessed.

  69. Angie says :

    Blessings, asking for prayer. For years I have sang worship to The Lord. I got married was blessed to lead worship, teach and preach the word of The Lord. However, these last 4 weeks I am going threw a period of stillness. Something has happened to my voice and I am going to a specialist to figure things out. I ran across your testimony of a 2 yr period of struggle with your voice. Though I am sad I am just waiting on my Savior and healer for a miracle.

  70. ASAPH GOMEZ says :

    she is a best singer, i like her songs and so much the song (more than everything)

  71. lee quinones says :

    Dear sister in Christ. I first heard your music then I saw you on you tub I was over come with joy to hear your more more more. It has minister to me in such a powerful way. I am learning it so that I can audition in our choir at Crossroads in Grand Prairie Texas. I thank you for giving me such a spirit up lift. Your sister in Christ Lee.

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